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Madhumardan Benefits

  • Madhumardan has multifaceted action on the Digestive system, Cardio vascular system, Skin, Kidney, Liver and Spleen, Blood Vessels & Respiratory tract
  • Madhumardan acts as an appetizer, Liver stimulant and as a mild laxative
  • It corrects glucose metabolism, helps in digestion and expels gas formations
  • It acts on the Cardio Vascular system as a heart tonic and arrests bleeding
  • It checks thirst, gives a cooling effect and subsides fever
  • The ingredients of Madhumardan acts on the Skin as blood purifier, anti-inflammatory and wound healer
  • It acts on the respiratory system as an expectorant and anti asthmatic
  • Madhumardan acts on nervous system as a brain tonic, reduces pain, antispasmodic and relieves body aches.